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Sustainability and Green Energy Across the Curriculum

Embedding Toxicology into the Chemistry Curriculum Webinar

Date: January 27, 2015
Time: 2pm - 3pm

Incorporating the principles of toxicology into the chemistry curriculum prepares the next generation of chemists to evaluate the hazards associated with the substances they use as part of their craft and provides the requisite tools to design safer, healthier and sustainable products.

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 The Sustainability and Green Energy (SAGE) Across the Curriculum program at Bristol Community College was created to answer the growing demand for young technicians and engineers that can lead our nation and world into sustainable patterns of energy use and construction that will be more efficient, cleaner, and drawn from sources that are abundant and renewable.

    In addition to restructuring BCC's Engineering technology curriculum, the program recognizes that a technical workforce cannot succeed without comprehensive educational preparation. To that end, SAGE aims to increase professional development of college, high school, and middle school faculty, outreach to students, and introduce both to SAGE education and career options.

Educator Resources

  • Free Professional Development Workshops for Teachers aligned with MA Framework standards

  • Free Laboratory Equipment Lending Library plus Training Demonstrations

  • Opportunity to take SAGE-related courses at BCC

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Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Program

Apply now for a paid summer internship within Massachusetts' growing clean energy industry!

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Student Resources

  • Paid Internship and Co-op Job Opportunities

  • Access to Free Tutoring, Scholarships, and Advising

  • Assistance with Financial Aid

  • Engineering Competition Teams

  • Seminar Series

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Featured Free Lab! Wind Turbine by KidWind

Harness the power of the wind in your classroom!
Use the ALTurbine to demonstrate Wind Power Technology, engineering efficient blade design, generators and motors - and more! Twelve kits available for use in your classroom. Click the image above or visit our Lending Lab page for more information.