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SAGE Workshops

Did you miss the SAGE Summer Institute on Solar?

In this workshop we learned about the basics of solar. This included site analysis and feasibility for homeowners to make sure the initial cost was worth the investment. As well as what is going on in the solar industry in the market and how financing would work.

  Towards the end of the week we had a fun hands on experience installing four solar panels onto mock roofs built by one of our local high schools. This allowed the teachers to apply what they learned in the classroom to the real world. On the last day we took a field trip to a local solar farm in Southern Massachusetts.

Take a look at the Power Points at your own convenience!

Did you miss Does This Parking Lot Look "Green" To You on January 26?

We Learned about the impacts parking lots can have on natural water cycles and how planning and installation of "Green"parking lots, called Bio-Retention Systems, are different.

 Participants were given background information about the workings of the "green" parking lot as well as hydrology, water quality parameters, and color-metric assays. They performed various water sampling procedures and were given the information needed to effectively teach the lesson in their classroom. They also learned how to perform similar measurements on their own school's parking lot.

Take a look at the power point at your own convenience!

Did you miss the November 15th SAGE Webinar “Solutions For Teachers: How the SAGE Lending Lab can help you address the Next Generation Science Standards and New Teacher Evaluation”?

Watch it online at your convenience here!

The webinar discussed how SAGE Lending Lab  Equipment and Resources could help
teachers address the Next Generation Science Standards and new Massachusetts Teacher Evaluation.
We had the privilege of hearing how teachers have integrated lending lab resources into their classrooms as they continue to tie engineering concepts into their science curriculum. 

 The SAGE program offers a number of free day and multi-day teacher professional development workshops to support engineering and green energy education. 

Information on upcoming workshops can be found on the registration links below, as well as on the workshop calendar.

Previous workshops include:
  • Wind Energy
  • Sustainable and Green Energy Technologies
  • Lending Laboratory Demonstrations
  • Underwater Robotics/Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Support and Competition
  • Green Building & LEED Certification Process
  • Solar Energy 101
  • SAGE Summer Institute
 Information from our workshops can be found in Curriculum Resources. To be kept updated on upcoming workshops or events, please join our mailing list.

Our next SAGE Workshop is the SAGE Summer Institute in July. Pre-register below:

SAGE Workshops

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