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Lending Lab Policies

Borrowing Agreement Form

(For First Time Borrowers Only) An individual who wants to become a borrower must sign and return the agreement form prior to reserving any equipment. The agreement states the borrower has agreed to abide by the rules and regulations of the program. The borrower also agrees to abide by the copyright laws. If a borrower is found to have violated any of these policies, borrowing privileges may be canceled.

Individuals who already have a borrowing agreement form on file DO NOT need to complete another agreement form unless the information supplied on the first form has changed.

Loan Request Form and Usage Assessment Survey

To borrow equipment, borrowers must complete a Loan Request Form that is submitted to the SAGE director. The return of equipment must be accompanied by a completed Usage Assessment Survey. The survey is used to monitor program goals, and should be completed to the best of the borrower's ability.

Fees for Use of Materials

There are no direct fees charged for the use of the equipment. However, the borrower is responsible for paying repair or replacement cost of materials lost or damaged while on loan.

Length of Loan Period

The acceptable loan period is between one and fourteen days depending upon previous bookings. If a longer period is required, it must be approved.

Transportation of Equipment

Equipment must be picked up and returned by the member school. Arrangements can be for for transportation in some cases. Ultimately, the borrowing institution is responsible for getting the equipment and returning it.

Late Return of Equipment

Lending lab equipment must be returned by the agreed upon date. New requests will not be accepted if a borrower has overdue equipment. Continued late return of materials may result in termination of borrowing privileges.

Lost or Damaged Equipment

The borrower is responsible for replacement costs of equipment that are lost or damaged while on loan. The borrower will be billed for the cost of replacing the missing or damaged items. New requests will not be accepted if the borrower has unpaid chargers for lost or damaged items. Failure to pay replacement charges will result in termination of borrowing privileges.

Determining Replacement Costs

Replacement costs for training materials are determined by the actual cost of replacing the lost or damaged materials, including shipping charges incurred.
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