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Higher Power Solar Panel (12V)

This solar panel is great for classroom activities to give students a hands on experience with alternative energy. The solar panel can be used to power many different devices. Due to this panel being PET laminated it can be used in rainy weather and for long term outdoor use.
This item is not recommended for use with any small load such as: wind turbine generator, water pump, visual voltmeter, ultra capacitors, sound and light board, or LED bulbs. When applying power to an electrical device, be sure to verify the max power input because you may damage the device.

Suggested Grade Levels: 9th and above
Suggested Courses: Environmental Science
Video Demonstration: (None available at this time)


    1. Build a solar fan with a solar panel, solar motor, and a propellor rotor.
    2. Compare the efficiency of a solar panel over time without changing the angle of the panel. Set up a monitoring station with a multimeter and solar panel. Check         on power output throughout the day at least once per hour.