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What is an R.O.V?

    A Remotely Operated Vehicle is a system that combines electrical, mechanical, and optical components to perform tasks in areas that are distant or hostile. They can be considered an extension of industrial robots.

    An underwater ROV can be used to perform a variety of tasks, including
  • biological specimen gathering and observation
  • communications cable laying/repair
  • mine detection
  • pipeline laying/repair
  • search and recovery
  • survey/mapping for oceanographic information
  • video inspection of boat/ship hulls
  • homeland/harbor security
  • Off-shore power station inspection and maintenance
  • others

Information from our ROV workshops can be found included in the presentations below. To download any of the presentations, click the Download link at the bottom of the page.

BCC ROV Wksp - 1 Types & Roles ‎(edit)‎

BCC ROV Wksp - 3 PVC Frame

BCC ROV Wksp - 5 Soldering

BCC ROV Wksp - 2 Water Concepts

BCC ROV Wksp - 4 Electrical Concepts

BCC ROV Wksp - 6 Props Tether

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