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Bristol Community College's Division of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering is dedicated to providing students with the technical and theoretical preparation to succeed in their future career and educational endeavors, helping learners to earn a degree, access work-related training, and more, throughout southeastern Massachusetts.

The SAGE Project

In 2010, Professors Anthony Ucci, Robert Rak, and Chris Shannon of the Engineering and Technology department at Bristol Community College received a National Science Foundation - Advanced Technical Education (NSF-ATE) Grant in support of the Sustainability and Green Engineering Technology (SAGE) Project, continuing and expanding on many of the goals of the Southeastern Massachusetts Achievement and Retention in Technology (SMART) grant.

The overarching goal of the SAGE project is to build the capacity of BCC and other educational partners in the region to train and prepare young technicians and engineers for careers in the growing green energy sectors.

The SAGE Project has four major objectives:
  • RESTRUCTURE CURRICULUM TO INCLUDE GREEN TECHNOLOGIES: Expand the pipeline and success of technical students and improve their readiness to solve 21st century problems by restructuring BCC's Engineering Technology program curriculum to teach the principles of sustainability and the technologies and materials necessary for green energy solutions.

  • EDUCATE AND OUTREACH TO BCC FACULTY AND REGIONAL TEACHERS: Build capacity of BCC faculty and other regional high school and college instructors to teach principles and technology of clean, renewable and efficient energy and other sustainable practices.

  • INCREASE ENROLLMENT AND RETENTION OF UNDERREPRESENTED MINORITIES: Expand the pipeline of college-ready students pursuing technical acadmic and career paths with emphasis on students traditionally underrepresented - including women, minorities, and students with disabilities.

  • SUPPORT GREEN ENERGY EDUCATION: Provide support and guidance for BCC students in SAGE programs to support retention and completion of certificates and degrees that lead to careers in the green energy field.
The grant period is July 2010 through June 2013, with an award of $899,988.

For more information on the SAGE Project, including curriculum development, syllabi, reports, and slideshows, explore the links below or contact SAGE Director Meghan Abella-Bowen.